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When you stop making women the center of your universe and you stop trying to get them is when you will be most attractive to them due to pheromone signals. Seriously, the nights that I do best is when I say fuck pick up, I am just going to go out and have a fuckin awsome time. I dont even think about hookin up with a chick, then it happens. Now aint that some shit? Its about not giving a fuck whether you get them or not. This is why pheromones are vital to human attraction. Its funny because guys get into the PUA scene because all guys think about is hooking up with chicks. Whats really funny is that the thing we really need is to just stop giving a fuck about em and start doing shit for yourself. Work out, have a hobby that you like, go out to have fun and meet people, find a way to get the job you really would love to do ya know? See what it takes to do it and do it with these new pheromone scents. You do these things, then women will find you incredibly sexy. Thing is that you just cant do these things so that women will think you are sexy. Do it for yourself. This is YOUR life. Live it the way you want to. Not by what people tell you to. Funny how these posts just pop up when I casually browsing pheromone brands. Yes, you are right. I just had the same realization while driving home. Working on yourself is the key. Becoming somebody in this shitty world is the key. Do this and women will naturally follow you. Good luck to you in accomplishing your goals. Hey guys…..the pheromone community over complicate game very much. Great game is very easy, and here is the way, to get laid every time you go out with youre friends: 1. Be relaxed, be youre self, have fun, dont give a shit , enjoy youre time, confidence. 2. Go over and communicate with the girl, the way you want it, in that moment. direct, indirect, sexual, humour, without words, flirt or something else. Just what youre mood wants that day. 3. Plow, on or move on. This is why you will get laid every time, because the statistic says, that if you are confident, have fun and talk and flirt with beautiful girls, you will get laid, approximately with 1 out of 7 girls. Sometimes it is the first girl you meet, sometimes it is the seventh. Learn more at