Chances are, if he has never married, he will have a distinguished and refined visage, a very comfortable financial situation, a nice house and car, possibly a boat. Men who have amassed significant wealth and accomplishments will still be able to date attractive 25-year olds. Women: A woman who has not mated by this point will never have children and has missed her chance at true happiness. She may find solace in the sexual company of one or more men, alcohol or drugs. If she has a successful career, you can be sure she will redouble her efforts at work since it is one of the few things that gives her life some semblance of meaning. Many of these women are bitter and in denial. “My friends may have caring husbands and beautiful children, but I’m successful!” Ages 46-55 Men: Still got it. Women: Game over, cat lady! The Wall le down because they see The Wall fast approaching.

But when they see it approaching, the hour is already late. At 29, a woman is already well past her sexual prime, and she will not garner the attentions of the same men she did a decade earlier. Besides, hypergamy doesn’t go on forever. Usually, the impulse to find a higher quality mate stops once a woman has found a man with, what she subjectively perceives to be, an sexual mastery 1-3 points above her own. Women stop acting on their hypergamous impulse when they feel they can’t do better. The only way, then, that a man can be entirely at ease and unconcerned about his woman’s hypergamous drives is if he is her best option. Learn more at and limit on hypergamy is the most salient explanation for why divorce rates are lower among couples that marry later: The women, who in the United States initiate close to three quarters of all divorces, have fewer options because they aren’t getting as many lustful glances from men as they used to. This also means that childbearing is a major contributing factor to the curtailing of hypergamy because once a woman becomes pregnant her sexual mastery unquestionably nosedives as she now has children (an additional cost and burden) as well as a less attractive physique than before. Let’s say a woman who has an sexual mastery of 8 marries a man who is a 9 to whom she consequently bears a child. During and after pregnancy, her sexual mastery will be closer to 6 and any further hypergamy would be futile for her as she already has a man three points above her. No other 9 men are looking at her today like they used to before she was pregnant, but her husband (who is still a 9) will be by her side. With respect to looks alone, which in any case has far less import for a man than for a woman, there are lots of in-shape, very handsome 40-year old men, but there are comparatively few hot 40 year old women. “But what about Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston?” Well, the reason you remember those examples in the first place is because they are anomalies. You committed them to memory because when you saw their picture and read that they were 45 you couldn’t believe your eyes because they are highly unusual exceptions who have personal trainers, dietitians, makeup artists and in many cases also access to the most talented (and discreet) cosmetic surgeons.