This is acting as human pheromones, I’m sick of procrastinating, of not having the balls to take action, of not achieving the things I want to achieve. I’m sick of not saying what I want to say to women, I’m sick of, in three words, having no bravery. This is going to be a journal on my journey on getting the life I want and deserve, no less no more. I use pheromones to make women more attracted to me. Even though I’m quite disgusted right now with all the previous things I mentioned, I consider myself someone who lives life in a permanent state of happiness, though I may feel down sometimes, it doesn’t take away my gratitude for life. Learn more at and

Therefore I want to make the most of the time I have in this world, we only get one life after all. 😀 Now I want to live life to it’s fullest, saying yes to everything, getting out of my comfort zone, taking action with human pheromones!!!!! I’m not sure how this will go down the road, I only know that I owe it to you guys to be the best I can be and to take full advantage of the resources this place has to offer without unscented pheromones. It’s my pheromones responsabilty and only mine, to get to the point where I’m headed. I’ve been delaying this for over a year, but now it’s time to rock the world!! PS: I may be editing this post later, right now I’m quite tired due to not having slept two days, since I’m having exam period in uni. The important thing is that I took the first step in doing this with alpha male pheromone colognes. I think everyone should make their own decision how many time they want to ‘enjoy pheromones” on the internet. For me 1 hour is quite a challenge. And I think I allow myself to search on the Place a little deeper during weekends (let’s say 3 hours max). I agree with the pace. 1 month for 1 challenge. But as far as I am concerned there may be more challenges organised. I prefer strongly to separate these challenges. I don’t believe it is usefull to report here about your succes with challenge # 1. Report it in challenge #1. This is about pheromone production procrastination. Everyone should make their own mind how they much they want to spend on their internet, or if they want to get rid of a certain habit. Like not reading news, or games.. for a month. Also, people should add what they are planning to do instead of using human pheromones. That could be a lot more dificult to account, cause for people like me who are randomly flashing internet at work between pheromones activities (or in the middle of them), we are planning to substitute that flashing with… working, so no accountability posible there. But if someone is planning something especific like going out and run for 30 minutes, or read a book instead, probably they could come up with some accountability for that… Learn more at