This proven online dating system is a very specific sequence of steps. There are right ways and wrong ways to perform every step of the process. Follow all the steps correctly, and you’ll be successful. Follow some steps correctly but screw up on other steps, and you won’t be, no matter how well you performed on the other steps. Unless you are amazingly good-looking, the margin for error with online dating is low. You must execute every step of the system correctly, or else you’ll be wasting your time. Don’t worry though. Once you go through all the steps a few times they’ll quickly become second nature.Learn more about pheromones at Here is the sequence: 1 . Determine the exact type of online dating most compatible with your personal needs, desires, and circumstances. 2 . Determine which dating sites and/or apps to use. 3 . Getting your pictures taken. 4 . Cleaning up your photos. 5 . Write your bio. 6 . Proofread/tweak your bio. 1 . Set up your profile on your sites/apps 2 . Locate women you like. 3 . Do a “blitz.” Send out 120-300 openers in total across all dating sites, and/or at least 2000 swipes if using a swipe app. 4 . Communicate with prospects. 5 . Schedule dates with prospects. 6 . Establish comfort with confirmed prospects and ensure a minimum amount of flaking prior to the first date. 7 . Have the first date. Once you meet a woman in real life on a first date, the online dating process ends, and real-life dating begins. This book covers the entire online dating process in detail, so you can fill your calendar with as many first dates as you like. Real life dating skills are covered by my other books at There are three categories of women online. During the online dating process, you move women from one category to the next. The categories, in chronological order, are: TARGET: A woman who you’ve seen on the internet and who looks interesting to you. PROSPECT: A woman you’re communicating with online who seems to be interested in you. Whether she’s actually interested in you is unknown at this point, since many women on dating sites enjoy getting attention from men even though they never have any intention of actually meeting in real life. CONFIRMED PROSPECT: A woman who has scheduled an actual first date with you, with a specific day, time and place (though the actual date hasn’t happened yet; she could still cancel, reschedule, or flake). Tracking Your Results with Pheromones What gets measured gets improved. If you goal is to get better at online dating, you need to know how good you are right now , using precise numbers. Your overall feeling of how good (or bad) you are at online dating is often inaccurate, but numbers tell the truth. Here, we’ll talk about the numbers you should be focused on (and not focused on) while you go forth on your online dating journey. The best and fastest way to improve is to track your results with real numbers and keep focused on improving them. On the flip side, you don’t want to turn into a numbers nerd. Occasionally I’ll run into guys who way overdo the whole number- tracking thing. You need to track some of your key numbers, but you don’t need to track every single little thing. Learn more at