I naturally enjoy pleasing someone with natural pheromones. For example I like a little anal play, but really have no interest in anal sex. I’ll stick a finger in there or tickle around to make it feel good. But you typically can’t bust that out the first night. My last relationship, she had a very hard time experiencing a partner induced orgasm, I likely was and probably will always be the only guy to give her an orgasm. She did fine on her own, but she was very sensitive, and had to have hard pressure because she couldn’t take being tickled but light enough pressure to where it didn’t hurt because my pheromones were unscented. I had to work on my patience and build her up. Learn more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/When-i-did-a-lot-of-pheromones-drills.htm and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/taking-his-pheromones

She wasn’t naturally very wet, so she had little to no smell, and what was there was very pleasant. I noticed the wettest girls have the fishiest smells. Doesn’t always mean itll taste bad though with natural pheromones. With kissing again, my ex allowed no tongue at first. And after about a year or two I talked to her about it and mentioned how kissing gave me no pleasure because there was no tongue. So from there I was able to learn how to give just the right amount that teases but doesn’t choke. Different girls like different pheromone perfumes and you’ll pick up on it. And I’ll just got through the different motions until they start purring. Some like to be rubbed so soft where they can’t even feel you. Some like it so hard to where their nails are scraping your skin. I would say experience has been number 1 for me. 2. would be enjoying giving pleasure. Some like to take, what turns me on the most is turning them on. 3. willing to learn. I still occasionally look at things like “how to become a better lover” typically I don’t learn anything new, but it’s a good refresher. I’ve watched things like how to make a girl squirt, and while I haven’t been able to do it, I have learned how to finger better with scented pheromone oil. I’m still learning. I’m with a girl now who likes it very rough, and through her I’ve discovered ways to do this and really push the boundaries between pain and pleasure for her. I’ve been with girls before who said they liked it rough and for me that equated to some strong biting on the neck, but nothing like I’m going now. So going back, I could of really upped the ante, but that’s half the fun, continuously learning pheromone seduction. Sadly experience is probably going to be the biggest one. Because you can have all the tools in the world, but if you are getting into it, a lot of those things you are going to forget. If you aren’t getting into it, then you aren’t setting the right mood. and that’s a problem. You being into and enjoying can be a huge turn on for them. A girl I was with Friday night laughed at me because my hand kept sliding, and she giggled “pussy, or titty, what do i want, hmmm… ? ” I said both so bad and she stuck her boobs in my mouth and jumped on me right there. Learn more at http://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-pheromones-conversation.html